Mushrooms come in all shapes and sizes, some are edible, some are medicinal, some are entheogenic and some are extremely toxic. The number one rule when considering consuming any kind of mushrooms to to be absolutely sure of the identification of the species that you have and that it is indeed edible.

We use the term Magic Mushrooms to cover all active species of fungi, whether medicinal or psychoactive they all have magical benefits. We divide Magic Mushrooms into 8 handy categories based on their reported benefits: Energy Shrooms, Dream Shrooms, Love Shrooms, Relax Shrooms, Spirit Shrooms, Smart Shrooms, Happy Shrooms and Health Shrooms. We list the primary benefits first.

Be aware that all mushrooms sold by MindFuel are intended for external use only unless explicitly stated otherwise. Always do lots of research as well as check with your doctor before consuming any mushroom.


Magic | Smart | Medicinal Mushroom Species

Cordyceps (Caterpillar Fungus) - Smart Shroom (Nootropic Study), Energy Shroom, Love Shroom, Health Shroom, Happy Shroom. Buy Online!

Chaga - Smart Shroom, Health Shroom

Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria) - Spirit Shroom, Toxic - Requires special preparation (drying, heating). Not recommended for anyone other than extremely experienced shaman, mycologists or ethnobotanical researchers. Used by Siberian shaman who have access to bugger all else in the way of intoxicants. Related Amanita species can be deadly with the only antidote being a liver transplant so correct I.D. is critical.

Lion's Maine (Hericium erinaceus) - Smart Shroom (Nootropic Study), Spirit Shroom Enhancer, Health Shroom. Buy Online!

Maitake - Health Shroom, Buy Online!

Panther Caps (Amanita pantherina) - Closely related & similar effects to Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria) See above^

Psilocybin mushrooms - Psychoactive Spirit Shrooms, Health Shrooms, Happy Shrooms, Non-Toxic yet Prohibited under MODA (Class A). Contemporary studies show multiple mental health benefits, classification expected to change to prescription medicine in future. Until then we can not recommend consumption as it is currently still very illegal. We are however in favor/support of current FDA authorized international studies looking at benefits and a future rescheduling from Class A to prescription medicine with exceptions for natural health providers to also be able to supply with consultation, as is the case with most other natural medicines.

Reshi (Ganoderma Lucidum) - Nick-named "lingzhi", which translates to “the Mushroom of Immortality”, "the Divine Mushroom" or "Magic Fungus". Relax Shroom (Sleep study), Smart Shroom, Health Shroom. Buy Online!

Shiitake - Health Shroom, symbol of longevity in Asia. Buy Online!

Turkey Tail - Health Shroom

 *Of course the above list is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many more species of 'smart' mushrooms that we know very little about or that are even still awaiting discovery or re-discovery by humankind. The future is unwritten.


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Further Information On Magic & Medicinal Mushrooms

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Magic Mushrooms of Australia and New Zealand- While we do not encourage anyone to consume any controlled substances we believe psychedelic mushroom identification is crucial for harm minimization for those who are going to consume regardless. Many Mushroom guide books are banned in NZ and this needs to change for safety purposes if nothing else.

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This article is provided for harm minimization purposes - we believe that accurate information and education is preferable to prohibition and censorship that cause more harm than the substances they are designed to protect us from. You can read similar articles in our Knowledge Base.