Smudging | Incense | Aromatherapy

Before the invention of rolling papers and pipes, shaman used various psychoactive incense in a manner very similar to what stoner's now days call 'hot-boxing', where various psychoactive, therapeutic, sacred and aromatic herbs, seeds and resins were spread over the hot embers in their campfires. The smoke from this herbal incense was then inhaled and spread over the body, which when combined with drumming, dancing, yoga like postures and special breathing techniques, allowed the shaman to enter trance states. Modern scientific studies have confirmed the psychoactive effect of incense, which effects consciousness by releasing the following three types of compounds into the surrounding air: Plant terpenes, plant alkaloids and plant hormones or pheromones. MindFuel Tip: The best way to start experimenting with natural herbal incense is to get a large sea shell such as a Paua or abalone shell or similar size heat proof dish and fill it up with sand. Use tongs to hold and light your charcoal disc and place on the sand in the dish once smouldering well. You can now add herbs, seeds and incense as you wish. Its best to create a balanced mixture, combining resins such as Frankincense or Myrrh, mixed with roughly equal portions of herbs such as White Sage or Damiana, with a lesser amount of aromatic roots such as Calamus or Galangal and perhaps a small amount of seeds, such as Hemp, Poppy or Syrian Rue for a special snap, crackle, pop effect.