Herb Storage Containers | EVak, TightVac, CVault, Boveda

In our herb storage containers collection you will find everything you need to keep your hemp products, herbs, meds and edibles in lovely fresh condition. Air-tight vacuum seal containers such as those by EVak or TightVac are perfect for preserving your herbs medicinal and aromatic properties for the longest time possible. For those who like to get a bit classy check out the lovely wooden storage cases from Marley Natural. Experimenting with herbal resins, waxes and oils? NoGoo® non-stick containers offer the perfect storage solution for you. Need to maintain privacy? We offer a constantly changing selection of secret stash safe containers, which allow  you to hide valuable items in plain sight.


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Prepara EVAK Glass Container
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Head Products Joint Holder w/ Cone Roller
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Magic Flight Magic-Flight ABV container
Stash Tins Stash Tins - Assorted Designs