Fiji Waka Kava

Experience the Finest Fiji Waka Kava: Unleash the Power of Fijian Kavalactones

Welcome to our Fiji Waka Kava Collection! Here, we proudly present the highest-grade Fiji Waka kava that we have meticulously sourced over the course of nearly two decades. We have dedicated ourselves to importing only the finest Fiji Waka kava, ensuring an exceptional experience for our valued customers.

Our Fiji Waka kava is available in various sizes, ranging from 50g packs to 5-kilo packages, catering to both regular kava enthusiasts and those planning big events or gatherings.

Fiji Waka kava is a unique blend of different kava cultivars carefully selected to deliver a potent and robust kava experience. Waka kava is renowned for its elevated levels of kavalactones, the active compounds responsible for its remarkable effects. When compared to Lewena (Crown Root), which generally contains fewer kavalactones, Fiji Waka kava offers a more intense and powerful experience.

Not only does Fiji Waka kava deliver a remarkable potency, but it also boasts a distinct flavor profile. The Waka (Lateral Root) variety tends to possess a bolder and more pronounced taste, adding an extra dimension to your kava enjoyment. On the other hand, the Lewena (Crown Root) kava offers a milder flavor, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer a smoother kava experience.

Explore our Fiji Waka Kava Collection today and immerse yourself in the unparalleled richness and potency of Fijian kava. Whether you are a seasoned kava connoisseur or a curious explorer, our Fiji Waka kava is sure to captivate your senses and provide an extraordinary kava journey like no other.

KAVA - Fiji Waka Grade Kava Powder (Piper methysticum) High Grade Kava

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