Vaporizer Aromatherapy

Have you tried herbal vaporizer aromatherapy yet? The following herbs and herbal blends have been specially formulated for use in any herbal aromatherapy vaporizer. Enjoy vaping them alone or add to your favourite vaping herb mix to enhance aroma and effects. If you do not have a vape, you can also use these products as alternative herbal smoke mixes, or add to any other smoking mix to reduce consumption and enhance aroma and effects. 100% natural. 100% free of tobacco, THC, synthetic cannabinoids and synthetic psychoactive chemicals.
Elevated Botanicals Anise seed (50 gram) (Pimpinella Anisum) Organic
From $11.50 - $120.00
Elevated Botanicals AphrodiTea (50 gram)
Elevated Botanicals Cali Medi+ Mix™ (28 gram)
Elevated Botanicals Cloud 9 Mix (10 gram)
Elevated Botanicals Damiana (Turnera aphrodisiaca) Dried Herb
From $4.99 - $99.95