KAVA | Fiji Waka Grade Kava

You can purchase Aotearoa, NZ, New Zealand's highest grade Kava right here @ MindFuel online KavaShop. Used safely by the people of the South Pacific for over 3000 years, Kava (Piper methysticum) is the ultimate natural stress reliever, as well as a fantastic social beverage and natural party alternative. Here at MindFuel we are not only NZ, New Zealand's #1 kava source but we are also nightly kava drinkers ourselves and have been for over 20 years. Simply put we are New Zealand's original kavashop run by real kava connoisseurs, supplying you with only the absolute highest grade kava strains to be found in the South Pacific. A warm welcome to all former customers of The Kava Shop Aotearoa, with whom we have recently combined forces with to make the absolute best Kava strains available for you right here @ MindFuel. Relax... it's Kava time!