Here at MindFuel we are a conscious enterprise taking small steps for a more sustainable planet. Some of the green concepts that we have so far incorporated in to our business model include the following:

  • Sustainable Products - Ever notice we do not stock the same cheap generic headshop products as everybody else? This is because we are extremely selective choosing to stock sustainable products where ever possible. Some of our current eco friendly product lines include: Unbleached hemp papers, Hemp plastics, Bamboo products, Organic body products, Organic super-foods, Organic herbs and extracts, Organic e - Liquids, Organic plants, clones and seeds.
  • Recycled Packing Materials - To pack and protect our shipments we recycle clean waste products that can not be recycled through the current recycling system.
  • 100% Organic Grow - The grow side of our enterprise (producing products marketed under our brands: Elevated Botanicals & Elevated Seeds) is 100% organic. We utilize permiculture concepts including: Composting, crop rotation, organic fertilizers and natural pest and disease control.
  • Biodiversity Protection - Through our 'Elevated seeds' brand we have ensured the integration and continued cultivation of many rare and exotic species that are of ethnobotanical importance.
  • Solar Power - We currently utilize solar power for our water heating.
  • Support for International Ethnobotanical Farming - We support many small kava and other ethnobotanical crop growers and farmers through out the world by buying direct from the growers at a fair price.
  • Hemp (Cannabis sativa) Promotion - We strongly believe in the many benefits offered by the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa) and are active in promoting its multiple uses to help change the public perception. We also support the move to legalize both the medical and recreational use of Cannabis, shifting the supply to licensed retail outlets.
  • Education - We are active in providing our customers with as much information as possible on subjects as diverse as health, harm reduction, the failure of prohibition, hemp's many uses or the benefits of vaping.
  • Activism - We are active monitoring the government and media and making submissions on and drawing attention to anything important to our industry. We support health freedom and drug law reform, particularly regarding Cannabis and Psychedelics, which we believe offer many positive benefits to both humans and the planet.
  • Human Rights - We support our staff freedom and privacy by electing not to drug test our staff. Forcing employees to pee in a cup is a humiliating practice that does nothing to improve workplace safety. What our staff choose to do in their own time is none of our business. We boycott manufacturers who exploit their workers through practices such as urine testing or using child sweatshop labor.
  • Animal Rights - We are against animal testing. None of our products are tested on animals. The majority of our products are vegan friendly.

 We are constantly striving to improve sustainability and welcome any ideas or suggestions you may have.