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Welcome to MindFuel Wholesale, your premier destination for a curated selection of exceptional products, including KAVA, Ecsplore, Happy-Caps, Blue Lotus, Kanna and the renowned Elevated Botanicals brand. As a trusted distributor, we are dedicated to providing authorized retailers and resellers with the highest quality offerings in our niche market.

Ecsplore: Energize and Elevate with Our Flagship Product

Experience the power of Ecsplore, our flagship energy and mood-boosting dietary supplement. Designed to fuel your customers' vitality, Ecsplore is set to dominate the market during the upcoming summer of 2023/24. Its unique formulation delivers a potent blend of ingredients to invigorate the mind and elevate the mood, making it a must-have product for those seeking a natural boost.

KAVA: Unwind and Discover the Highest Quality

Indulge your customers in the tranquility of our premium KAVA selection. Sourced from the finest Vanuatu Noble Kava, our offerings are meticulously crafted to provide the highest quality available in Aotearoa. Known for its relaxing and calming properties, KAVA is a beloved botanical that promotes a sense of serenity and well-being. Elevate your customers' experience with our exceptional KAVA products.

Blue Lotus: Unlock Serenity and Sacred Wisdom

Transport your customers to a realm of tranquility with our exquisite Blue Lotus collection. Revered for centuries as the sacred blue lily of the Nile, Blue Lotus is renowned for its meditative and peaceful qualities. Immerse your customers in the enchanting essence of this captivating flower and offer them an opportunity to connect with their inner wisdom.

Elevated Botanicals: Discover Rare and Prized Offerings

Introduce your customers to the world of Elevated Botanicals, where rare and sought-after ethnobotanical herbs, blends, and extracts await. Meticulously sourced and curated, our selection embodies the pinnacle of quality and authenticity. Elevate your customers' botanical journeys and offer them the opportunity to explore the transformative power of nature's treasures.

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As an authorized retailer or reseller, you have the exclusive opportunity to access our exceptional range of products. At MindFuel Wholesale, we are committed to nurturing successful partnerships and providing unparalleled support to our valued clients. Take advantage of our expertise and establish yourself as a trusted source for Ecsplore, KAVA, Blue Lotus, and Elevated Botanicals.

Unlock your wholesale potential with MindFuel Wholesale. Connect with our dedicated sales team today to explore the exciting opportunities that await you. Together, let's elevate your business and offer your customers an extraordinary experience they won't find anywhere else.


Our Brands        

Ecsplore - Energy & Mood Elevation
Premium quality kava and ethnobotanicals by Elevated Botanicals

Our Products

  • KAVA - Our Vanuatu Noble Kava is the highest quality in Aotearoa
  • Ecsplore - energize, socialize, elevate - dietary supplement - Fueling Summer 2023/24
  • Happy-Caps - Functional line of powerful Dutch smart formulas for every occasion
  • Blue Lotus - We are the NZ importer of the Sacred Blue Lily of the Nile
  • Kanna - (Sceletium tortuosum) Mood enhancer from South Africa
  • Elevated Botanicals - premium quality ethnobotanical herbs, blends & extracts
  • Clear Focus by Mindscopic - Europe's #1 natural nootropic
  • Headshop - On Balance Scales, NZ Art Glass, MonkeyPipe, Capsule Machine, MindFold, drug test kits, papers, grinders, storage, vaporizers.
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