Diviner's Sage | Ska María Pastora

Diviner's Sage (Salvia divinorum) originated in the Oaxaca region of Mexico, where it has been cultivated and used for centuries by the Mazatec people as a healing herbal remedy, as well as in religious ceremonies. It is a powerful "teacher plant", that when ingested properly, and under the appropriate conditions, may produce a state of "divine inebriation". As well as a visionary, spiritual and meditative aid, Diviner's Sage may be a remedy for several diseases and mental disorders, including: Alzheimer’s, Anemia, Anxiety, Depression, Detox, Drug Addiction, Headaches, Indigestion, Insomnia, Neck & Back Pain, Rheumatism, Schizophrenia and Stress. We also stock the related species Coleus blumei which may offer similar benefits but is not so well understood. In any event it is an attractive house-plant with amazing bright psychedelic coloured leaves. Please be aware that we do not export live plants or clones. That means we do not ship to Australia.