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Nootropics (also known as smart-drugs) are herbs and supplements that act as cognition enhancers, providing a positive effect on things like alertness, concentration, focus and memory. Here at MindFuel we do not stock untested research chemicals, just natural herbs and formulas that have been properly studied and are known to be safe. Our nootropics collection includes some of the best available natural brain boosters, cognition enhancers, nootropics and smart drugs including Europe's #1 natural nootropic formula Clear Focus by Mindscopic. See also: Microdosing.
Mindscopic Clear Focus by Mindscopic
From $89.95 - $499.95
Elevated Botanicals Focus Mix (50 gram)
Elevated Botanicals Ginkgo (50 gram) (Ginkgo biloba) Organic
From $14.00 - $165.00
Elevated Botanicals Ginseng (Panax ginseng) Organic
From $10.00 - $85.00