Medicinal Mushrooms

In our Mushrooms collection you will find magic mushrooms of the legal kind including exotic nootropic (smart) shrooms, energy shrooms, relax shrooms, love (aphrodisiac) shrooms and healing (health) shrooms. Looking for psychedelic psilocybin mushrooms? Sorry, we are unable to help, other than to recommend you take a trip to Amsterdam where they are legal to purchase in a smartshop and consume while you are there. We do not encourage the use of controlled substances here in Aotearoa, but we do support current FDA authorized research into the benefits of psychedelic mushrooms, as well the the recommendation by scientists to reschedule these mushrooms as prescription medicines. For now we offer magic medicinal mushshrooms including Cordyceps, Lion's Maine and Reishi to keep you happy, healthy, aroused, focused and relaxed. For those of you intent on tripping regardless of the rules - consider our harm reduction formula: Trip Stopper.