Clones | Live Plants

In our Plants | Clones collection you will find live plants as well as rooted cuttings of various ethnobotanical species. Our plants & clones ship bare rooted, wrapped in wet sphagnum moss. Upon arrival, carefully remove the moss and clean the clone, plant in a 50/50 mix of potting mix and pumice, place in a sheltered position (preferably inside a greenhouse or on a windowsill) and water regularly / mist as needed. Avoid sudden changes to humidity. Once established you can transfer your clone to a pot of potting mix, then slowly harden off to survive outside if desired. By growing ethnobotanical clones you are helping protect biodiversity. Before you know it you will be taking your own clones from these ones. These products are supplied with the intention of protecting biodiversity and to offer our customers some amazing ethnobotanical collection pieces. NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Some of these specimens may be poisonous. Please handle all specimens accordingly. Keep them out of reach from children and animals. Please allow extra time (4-12 weeks) for live clone delivery.