White Sallow Wattle Seeds (Acacia floribunda)

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Common Names: Gossamer Wattle, Weeping Acacia and White Sallow Wattle.
Scientific Name: (Acacia floribunda)
Family: Fabaceae

Description: An ornamental, perennial, evergreen shrub or small tree, growing up to 6 meters in height. Produces an abundance of yellow flowers in Spring. Fast growing and attractive.Cultivation: Seed requires scarification before sowing. Hot water treatment works well for this species. Keep seed wet until germination. Drought tolerant, likes a full sun position.

Traditional Use: Acacia species are known to have many traditional medicinal uses including wound healing, coughs, colds and stomach upset. Used in landscaping to control erosion, especially in gullies. Also useful for its nitrogen fixing properties, as a hedge and as a shade plant. Foliage used as fodder for livestock. Over 100 acacia species were utilized by the first nation people of Australia, as medicines, as foods and for the making of materials.

Quantity: 10 seeds per pack.

Shipping Restrictions: There are no restrictions, we can ship this product worldwide. This species is not declared or considered noxious by any state or territory government in Australia.