Shamans Tobacco Seeds (Nicotinia rustica) Organic



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Common Names: Shamans Tobacco, Aztec Tobacco, Mapacho Tobacco
Botanical Name: (Nicotinia rustica)

Description: Shamans Tobacco (Nicotinia rustica) has a much higher nicotine content than regular commercial smoking tobacco.

Ethnobotanical History: Traditionally mixed with other herbs such as Cloudherb (Tagetes lucidia) by south American shaman. Used in the production of various shamanic snuffs and smokes throughout Sth America.

Warning: Not intended for human consumption. Shamans Tobacco is considered much more toxic than regular smoking tobacco. We supply this species as an ornamental collectable rather than to be actually smoked.

Cultivation: Sow early to late Spring. Annual. 1.8m.

Quantity: 50 organic seeds per pack

Shipping restrictions: We can not ship this product to the US state of Louisiana.

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