Tea | Organic Teas and Herbal Tisanes

Tea is the worlds most popular psychoactive drug containing the psychoactive methyl-xanthine stimulants caffeine, theobromine and theophylline, as well as the psychoactive tranquilizer l-theanine. The result is a mild 'speed-ball' type buzz where both stimulation and relaxation are experienced simultaneously. Our selection of high-grade organic teas are not the crap you will find in your local supermarket, but rather the absolute freshest, best tasting, most potent teas you will find. Besides our high-grade organic teas, this collection also contains exotic herbal tisanes including: HoneyBush Tea, Inca de Mate Tea, Lapacho Tea, Red bush Tea, Roselle Tea, Tulsi Tea and Yerba Mate.
Elevated Botanicals AphrodiTea (50 gram)
Elevated Botanicals Inca de Mate Tea
Elevated Botanicals Lapacho Tea
Elevated Botanicals TranquiliTea (80 gram)
Elevated Botanicals Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis)
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