KAVA - Vanuatu Kava - Borogu - High Quality Noble Kava Variety



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This Borogu kava variety is very much loved in Vanuatu. Known for its high and regular quality, Borogu is sought by the local Vanuatu kava bars.

Borogu has a stronger character than the Melomelo variety as well as a more full-bodied effect.

Kava bars are used to mixing these two Noble varieties (Borogu and Melomelo) in order to mitigate the stronger taste while getting more powerful effects.

Borogu is the other kava variety alongside Melomelo to be found planted in almost every local garden across Santo and even throughout Vanuatu.

Taste: Well prepared, its taste reminds one of licorice.

Effects: Instant & Progressive.

Appearance: Light brown / brown stems with a "long length" inter-node, light green leaves.

Shipping Restrictions: We can not ship this product to Australia.

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