KAVA - Vanuatu Kava - Bir Kar - High Quality Noble Kava Variety

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Size | 100g

Bir Kar is a very rare Noble kava cultivar that is specific only to the the Center and South of the Island of Espiritu Santo (also named Urukara).

This variety is rare even in Vanuatu due to coming from Espiritu Santo Island only. It is always a delightful evening when Bir Kar is on the Menu!

Rare kava cultivars are usually only drunk locally by the farmers and their communities in traditional ceremonies.

Bir Kar locally means "red kava" and this comes from its brown-purple stem colors. Bir Kar kava is easy to recognize within the gardens due to its unique appearance.

Effect: Sudden, strong and short.

Appearance: Large Brown-Purple stems with "short length" inter-node, Dark Green leafs.

Warning: Use in moderation. May cause drowsiness.

Shipping Restrictions: We can not ship this product to Australia.