KAVA - Vanuatu Kava - Palarasul - High Quality Noble Kava Variety

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Size | 100g

The Palarasul kava cultivar, born in Santo and found in the Center and South Santo, is extremely appreciated on the local kava market.

Also called "Bir Sul" ("Yellow kava"), the Palarasul from Santo is considered as one of the strongest kava in Vanuatu, thereby on the international market.

This kava is so far not present in quantity but this is all about supreme quality when we talk about Palarasul. Farmers usually have few Palarasul plants in gardens for particular and traditional events.

This is a very rare and exceptional high standard kava. Traditionally prepared, local consumers know that this green and fresh kava can send anyone to sleep after a few shells.

This variety combines a smooth taste and a very powerful relaxant effect.

Effect: Fast, very strong & durable.

Appearance: Its biggest differentiation is the yellow leafs that highlight the plant even in the middle of other varieties! The stems evolve by the time, Light Green when the kava is young and looks alike Borogu stems once grown-up.

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