Microdosing refers to various methods of using minuscule amounts of various herbal remedies, often on a frequent, regular or semi-regular basis.

One example of microdosing is legal medicinal cannabis users in California who have reported that by taking micro amounts of their meds (the absolute minimum effective dosage) frequently throughout the day, they get the relief they need without zonking themselves out or risking any other side effects associated with high dosage.

For those of us not fortunate enough to have access to legal medicinal cannabis yet, this method of micro-dosing can technically be applied any other medicinal herb.

Results will vary with some herbs being more suited to micro dosing than others.

Another style of micro-dosing that is huge right now with silicone valley professionals is using a micro amount of an entheogen (an entheogen is any herbal remedy traditionally used in a spiritual context, some work better than others) every third or forth day over a period of time, often for a period of weeks or even months. The idea is to be conscious and keep a diary or notebook during this time period, logging how you feel and perform. This method of micro dosing has been claimed to increase energy, mental clarity, creativity, motivation, problem solving and positivity.

Microdosing is a relatively unexplored area of health and participants are encouraged to share their experiences.

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