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Our ethnobotanicals collection lists all our herbs under our 'Elevated Botanicals™' brand, which includes 125+ exotic herbs, potent herbal extracts and synergistic herbal blends, divided into 6 handy categories: Energy Herbs, Love Herbs, Relax Herbs, Dream Herbs, Entheogenic Herbs and Herb Extracts. Wherever possible our herbs are grown organically or ethically wild crafted. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, these traditional herbal remedies are not intended for internal use. Always do plenty of  research and obtain clearance from your doctor before using any herbal remedy.
Elevated Botanicals 420 High Tea (50 gram)
Elevated Botanicals Anise seed (50 gram) (Pimpinella Anisum) Organic
From $11.50 - $120.00
Elevated Botanicals AphrodiTea (50 gram)