Indian Dreamherb (Hemidismus indicus) Sugandi

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Size | 50g

Common Name: Indian Dreamherb, Sugandi, Indian Sarsaparilla
Botanical Name: (Hemidismus indicus)

Ethnobotanical History: Used by Shaman in the Himalayas as incense and in a herbal smoking mix with Holy Basil. Used in Ayurveda as a dream herb and tonic. Used traditionally as a herbal remedy to treat a wide variety of illnesses including rheumatism, leprosy, impotence, urinary tract and skin infections. 

Usage: Can be used as incense, vaped (traditionally smoked), placed inside a dream-pillow or brewed into tea. Can be used as a tea or chewed daily as a adaptogen and tonic.

Active Constituents: hexatriacontane, lupeol, amyrin, sitosterol and related compounds. 

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