Cordyceps Capules (120 veggie caps) Energy | Vitality | Endurance

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High strength Cordyceps militaris mushroom 10:1 extract with piperine (black pepper extract) for enhanced absorption. 

Cordyceps militaris is recognized for its ability to support vitality, endurance, and stamina as a result of the naturally occurring compounds in the mushroom that improve the availability of oxygen in the blood.

The diverse pharmacological potential of Cordyceps militaris has generated interest in reviewing the current scientific literature, with a particular focus on prevention and associated molecular mechanisms in inflammatory problems. 

A few of the noted benefits of regular Cordyceps militaris consumption may include increasing energy, strengthening the immune system, and supporting lung and respiratory health. 

  • Supports energy production
  • Offers immune support
  • Supports organ health
  • Third party tested in New Zealand
Flow State’s Cordyceps militaris is third party tested here in New Zealand (Hill Laboratories and Massey University) for heavy metals, pesticide residue, microbials, and also active compounds (beta-d-glucans) to ensure a high-quality standard.

Flow State’s Cordyceps militaris is in convenient to consume capsules (vegan friendly), and combined with piperine (black pepper extract) for enhanced absorption. 


Each serve contains 1000mg of Cordyceps militaris extract  and 5mg piperine. No fillers or flowing agents. 

  • Beta-D-Glucans >30%
  • Starch <5%
  • Veggie capsules suitable for vegans. 
  • Dual extraction (organic alcohol and hot water extraction methods).
  • Third party tested in New Zealand for pesticide residue, heavy metal analysis, microbial analysis, and active compounds (Massey University and Hill Laboratories). 

When to take:

Morning or midday. 

Caution and consideration:

Despite mushrooms being natural, they are considered potent in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is important that you consult a health professional before taking this supplement if you have a health condition, are taking prescription medication, are pregnant, or nursing. Mushroom extracts can potentially interact with medications prescribed to suppress the immune system and regulate blood clotting.