Cannabis Alternatives Pack - Our 6 most popular Marijuana substitutes @ a discounted price

$50.00 $68.90


Product Details

The Cannabis Alternatives Pack contains our six most popular traditional herbal remedies that have been utilized as marijuana substitutes or alternatives throughout history. Packaged together at a discounted price you can smoke (or vape or tea) these traditional herbal remedies alone or mix and match to create your own herbal blends.


  • Damiana leaf 25 gram
  • Klip Dagga flowers 3 gram
  • Klip Dagga leaf 3 gram organic
  • Marihuanilla herb 25 gram organic
  • Wild Dagga leaf 3 gram organic
  • Wild Dagga flowers 3 gram organic

Warning: Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women or anyone on medication. Smoking may be harmful to health, we recommend the use of a herbal aromatherapy vaporizer.

Shipping Restrictions: We can not ship this product to the US state of Louisiana.

*Pictures are of actual cannabis and are not meant to represent actual product. We just wanted an excuse to post some beautiful bud pics on our site :)