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In our vape herbs collection you will find a diverse selection of mainly organic traditional smoking herbs from Elevated Botanicals including: Blue Lotus (Sacred Blue Waterlily), Coltsfoot, Damiana, Indian Tobacco, Kinnikinnick, Klip Dagga (Lion's Tail, Lion's Ear), Marihuanilla (Little Marijuana), Machona Brava, Mullein, Pedicularis (Indian Warrior), Red Raspberry, Wild Dagga (Wild Cannabis) and Wild Opium Lettuce. While these herbs have all been smoked for hundreds of years, we recommend the use of a vaporizer, as a healthier alternative to smoking. These high-grade herbs can be enjoyed alone, mixed to create (or used a base for) your own herbal smoking blends or used as mixes to increase and extend your stash as well as enhance the aroma, taste and effects of your regular smoke (+vape).
Elevated Botanicals Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) Organic
From $7.00 - $165.00
Elevated Botanicals Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis) Organic Leaf
From $12.00 - $125.00