Vape Herbs | Herbal Vaporizer Aromatherapy

Have you tried herbal vaporizer aromatherapy yet? There is a common misconception that vaporizers are intended only for use with Cannabis. The truth is that vaporizers are intended for the phyto-inhalation of an unlimited number of vapable medicinal, aromatic and feel-good herbs and even specially formulated dry herb vaporizer blends. Some the products in our vape herbs collection have been specially formulated for use in your dry herb vaporizer. Other products are traditional smoking herbs, aromatherapy herbs or herbal teas that can now days also be enjoyed in your dry herb vaporizer. Also included are terpene drops that can be added to herbs and blends to enhance aroma and direct effects. Herbal vaporizer aromatherapy is a new area of aromatherapy that is still largely unexplored terrain. Who knows what delightful herbal synergies are awaiting discovery by pioneering vaponauts? You can share your experiences under the reviews tab, found on each products page. See also: Herb Vaporization Temperatures.