Herbs Used As Cannabis Alternatives

March 07 2018 – Team MindFuel

Herbs Used As Cannabis Alternatives
Herbs Used As Cannabis Alternatives

One of the most common things you hear people complaining about these days is that there's no weed to be found. We have heard this complaint so many times that we thought it was high time that we shared some of our recommendations for the best natural cannabis alternatives.

Our top four recommendations for natural Cannabis alternatives are as follows:


Damiana (Turnera aphrodisiaca) is likely the world's most popular Cannabis alternative. Sourced from its native Mexico, dried Damiana looks almost identical to ground up bud.  Because of this it is often used as a base for herbal smoking mixtures or to stretch out ones stash. When vaped or smoked (in a water-pipe is best), Damiana produces a mild Cannabis like euphoria lasting up to an hour and a half. Damiana can also be drank as tea or soaked in liquor to produce a more aphrodisiac effect. Damiana is used in traditional Mexican medicine as a tonic, aphrodisiac and ant-depressant. Damiana can be purchased right here @ MindFuel


Marihuanilla is smoked in Chiapas, Mexico as a Marijuana substitute. Marihuanilla is a nice mild tasting smoke with a nice relaxing aroma. It is also used as a herbal remedy in TCM for female complaints, as a heart tonic and for relaxation and relief from stress, pain and insomnia. Marihuanilla can also be enjoyed as a relaxing and medicinal tea. You can purchase Marihuanilla right here @ MindFuel

Klip Dagga

Klip Dagga is known as 'Mota' in Mexico, where it was used as a marijuana substitute. Also smoked by African tribesman. Klip Dagga is known in Trinidad as shandilay and the leaves are brewed as a tea for fever, coughs, womb prolapse and malaria. Our experiments with smoking and vaping Klip Dagga leaves and flowers resulted in mild Marijuana like euphoria lasting about one hour. You can purchase Klip Dagga right here @ MindFuel

Wild Dagga

Wild Dagga (Leonotis leonurus) is smoked by South African Tribesman for its euphoric and inebriating effects. It is often combined with Cannabis to potentate the effects of each. Wild Dagga's effects are far more prominent when smoking in a social situation, making it a good smoke for partying or dancing. Wild Dagga has been used in traditional medicine to treat many conditions including fevers, headaches, coughs, female complaints and snakebites. You can purchase Wild Dagga online right here @ MindFuel.

Extracts and Blends Can Be More Potent

Many users prefer to use Damiana, Marihuanilla, Klip Dagga and Wild Dagga in an extract form such as our herbal resins, or in a herbal blend such as our Triple Dagga Mix.

Each Herb is Unique

While there is no single herb that exactly replicates all of the many wonderful benefits of Cannabis, there certainly are some herbs that do offer some similar benefits as well as have their own unique beneficial or enjoyable effects.

As always we encourage the use of a vaporizer as a healthier alternative to smoking.

MindFuel Tip: You can further enhance the effects the above herbs by adding CBX Terpene Drops. See our blog post: What Are Terpenes?


  • Team MindFuel: May 10, 2023
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    High CW – Yes it can take a few times for the brain to recognize the effect of all 3 of the daggas (Wild Dagga, Klip Dagga & Marihuanilla). Effects are similar with Klip being strongest, Wild Dagga in middle, marihuanilla being milder but tastes better and is more sedating/calming.

  • Cw: May 06, 2023
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    I use wild dagga and it has a reverse tolerence and it gets stronger the more I use it I was wondering if klip dagga, because I’m growing it in Hope’s of harvesting it does the effect better (the cannabis like effects) or not.

  • Team MindFuel: September 24, 2021
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    Re: Hannah: Thanks for your feedback. Books on TCM list as being used for female complaints which usually refers to ailments or health problems such as late period or early menopause. Many herbs are listed for male complaints as well. It’s outside the scope of this article and we keep medical information brief to avoid making therapeutic claims. But anyone interested can do some further research.

  • Hannah: September 03, 2021
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    You should consider elaborating on “female complaints” within your descriptions or choose different phrasing as it is nondescript and offensive.

  • The shaman/khoisan : November 15, 2019
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    You could always make a blend,
    Depending on the drug you’re looking to mimic (If Cannabis is the case)
    I’d probably say mixing herbs like

    lavender, (to increase appetite)
    Salvia divinorum, (repetitive laughing)
    Hops, (Close relative to cannabis)
    California Poppy,(Used as an alternative for cannabis)
    Kanna, (Chemical compounds Are Partial THC antagonists)
    Wild dagga,
    Passion Flower,(Antidepressant-like effects)
    Kratom,(Contains Opioid like alkaloids)
    Liverworts, (this plant is busy coping cannabis and produces similar substances)

    The wonderful thing about organic blends are that you can create your own effects

  • Team MindFuel: October 12, 2019
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    Re: Barbara – You can purchase Wild Dagga right here at MindFuel: https://mindfuel.co.nz/search?q=Wild+Dagga

  • Team MindFuel: October 12, 2019
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    Re: Tiffany – Start with Damiana:


    Damiana sounds like just what you are looking for.

    After that, look into Blue Lotus and Kanna.

    See also our reply to Elizabeth below>>>

  • Team MindFuel: October 12, 2019
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    Re: Elizabeth – We recommend using a herbal aromatherapy vaporizer:


    Combined with drinking a herbal tea to get the best out of Damiana:


    It is also a great smoke, best enjoyed in a water-pipe:


    If you do not want to use a water-pipe Damiana can also be smoked in a pipe:


    or rolled in a joint:


    It is best tried pure for a start. Once you are familiar with the effects of Damiana, you can try mixing it with other herbs (and also our CBX Terpene drops) to create your own herbal blends that work well for you.

    Damiana mixes very well with Catnip for a mild euphoric smoke. This can be greatly enhanced with: Blue, Pink or White Lotus, Kanna, Marihuanilla, Klip Dagga or Wild Dagga.

    For a smoother smoke | vape you could try adding Peppermint, Marshmallow, Red Raspberry leaf, Lemon Balm or Lavender to taste.

    These are all available in our Smoking | Vaping Herbs Collection:


    Hope that helps.

    Have a good one,
    Team MindFuel

  • Elizabeth Zyla : August 20, 2019
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    Hi , I work in healthcare and loved smoking marijuana but can’t . I’m interested in Damiana as I’m looking for a similar substitute. Whats the best way to smoke it ? And should it be mixed with something or can be smoked alone . Thank you

  • Tiffany: May 24, 2019
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    Hi, I’m looking for something that can help with my anxiety .I was smoking pot regularly but I’m on parole and that is no longer a option.i need something that just a keeps me in my happy place so I dont go crazy at myjob.

  • Barbara Gajadhar: March 11, 2019
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    Where can you buy local wild saga? In CT

  • Team MindFuel: November 21, 2018
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    Hi Kerry, Damiana is a great base to use with any of our terpene blends including the Focus formula. What your suggesting will work, but for a strong focus effect check out our nootropics: https://mindfuel.co.nz/collections/nootropics – Please email: sales@mindfuel.co.nz with any order related questions

  • Kerry Sams: November 21, 2018
    Author's avatar image

    Hi. I like something that gives me energy and focus during the day. I’m wondering about Damiana with a focus terpene. Can you give me some more information please about what effect I should expect. How much of each should I purchase so I can see if I like it?

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