Government Advises Smokers: Change to Vaping!

May 07 2019 – Team MindFuel

Government Advises Smokers: Change to Vaping!
Government Advises Smokers: Change to Vaping!

The government is soon to recommend smokers quit smoking cigarettes and start vaping instead. The ministry of health is about to start recommending vaping as a way to quit smoking.

Up until now retailers have been prohibited from marketing vapes or electronic cigarettes as a means to quit the smoking habit. The government has been very cautious up until this point, saying that it does not have enough evidence to recommend vaping as a means of quitting smoking. But science clearly shows vaping is the safer option for health. The change will likely see many smokers guided toward the vape set up that is right for them and enable them to quit the harmful smoking habit.

A campaign encouraging smokers, with a particular focus on young Māori women, to make the switch is to be launched in August. A New Zealand-specific website offering vaping information and tips will also be launched this month.

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Source: NZ Herald

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  • Jackson: May 08, 2019
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    I do wonder if some health problem caused by vaping is yet to present itself. Still, no doubt its the safer option compared to smoking.

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