Meth NZ's Top Drug - Wastewater Tests Reveal

May 01 2019 – Team MindFuel

Meth NZ's Top Drug - Wastewater Tests Reveal
Meth NZ's Top Drug - Wastewater Tests Reveal

The first ever batch of nationwide wastewater drug testing across New Zealand has revealed that Methamphetamine is our most popular illicit drug.

Police on Tuesday released the results of three months of testing (November to January) for Cocaine, Fentanyl, Heroin, Methamphetamine and MDMA (Ecstasy) at 37 wastewater plants capturing 80 per cent of New Zealand's population.

Methamphetamine came out on top as our most popular substance by a huge margin with kiwis using 16 kilograms a week of the illicit stimulant. Meth use was highest per person in Northland. Cocaine was highest in Auckland. Strangely their was a huge spike for MDMA or Ecstasy in Christchurch, compared with the rest of the country.

Cannabis and research chemicals were not tested for due to the limits of the testing technology.

Here at MindFuel we feel the testing results clearly show the high price of cocaine and MDMA combined with the lack of any good legal alternatives thanks to bans on BZP and party pills is obviously what's fueling Meths popularity. If much safer substances such as MDMA  were available to be purchased legally under the PSA, we believe Meths' popularity would drop substantially and users as well as the greater society would be far better off. Meth use has continued to rise since the government banned BZP party pills in 2009.

The key findings of the testing show:

*The  average weekly use of the detected drugs equates to an estimated street value of $9.6 million dollars per week.

*Police estimate approximately $500 million of criminal profit is generated annually thanks to prohibited drugs.

*MDMA had an estimated consumption rate of 4 kilos on average each week.  

*Cocaine was detected in low quantities nationwide, about 700g on average each week.

*Fentanyl hardly figured, with overall consumption averaging less than 3g per week.

*Heroin was not detected at any of the testing sites between November 2018 and January 2019. 


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    Re: Jimmy – Caffeine & Inositol ;)

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    pic looks more like coke to me

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