1967 - LSD and Mescaline Prohibited Under the Narcotics Act 1965

Posted on March 01 1970

1967 - LSD and Mescaline Prohibited Under the Narcotics Act 1965

1967 - Since the Narcotics Act of 1965, not only has demand for Cannabis sky-rocketed, so too has the demand for psychedelics such as LSD. In response to the emerging hippie counter-culture, New Zealand Prohibited LSD and Mescaline (the main psychoactive alkaloid in the psychedelic Peyote Cactus) in 1967, scheduling them both under the Narcotics Act of 1965.

Update 29/04/2019 - Prohibition of all drugs has failed. Both LSD and Mescaline remain Class A controlled substances under MODA in NZ to this day, despite multiple studies clearly showing multiple benefits and extremely low risk. After studying psychedelics for decades leading international scientists now want to see psychedelics rescheduled as prescription medicines, so that their many benefits can be further explored and utilized. Besides medicinal use, could LSD and Mescaline one day be sold legally under the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016? They certainly fit the criteria, at least if it were not for their pesky current scheduling under MODA.


*We wanted to post this blog as 1967, but our blog wont allow us to set the date before 1970, so we set it to that instead.


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