Sweet Flag (Acorus calamus) Calamus Root (powder or organic root chips)



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Description: Sweet Flag is a strongly aromatic plant with sword shaped leaves. It grows in marshland and along riverbanks in North America, Asia and Europe. The roots are harvested in spring and late autumn, washed and, after removing the hair-roots, dried at a low temperature before being ground to a powder. Sweet Flag will last longer if kept in the fridge.

Ethnobotanical History: Sweet Flag is used as a herbal remedy by Native American tribes in small doses to fight pain and fatigue, as well as for oral hygiene. In large doses it may have been used as a visionary aid. The Cree claim to take Sweet flag enables them to travel great distances without touching the ground.

Usage: A small dose (2-3 tsp) of Sweet flag is energizing, clears the mind and has a mild mood enhancing effect. In higher dosages (4-5 tsp) it may act as an entheogen.

Active Constituents: Essential oils.

Warning: Not intended for internal consumption. Always obtain clearance from your doctor before using this herbal remedy.

Shipping Restrictions: We cannot ship this product to Finland.

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