Most users won't take MDMA if it's revealed to be eutylone

Posted on January 13 2021

Most users won't take MDMA if it's revealed to be eutylone
Not surprisingly, most MDMA users will not take their ecstasy if it is shown to actually be something else altogether, in this case eutylone. Euthylone is often known as bath salts and is one of the many, many substances frequently misrepresented as ecstasy on the black market thanks to the current Prohibition of MDMA.

When drugs such as MDMA are prohibited we loose the quality controls around their manufacture and dosage. Sales are unregulated and substances are sold without the necessary harm reduction information that would allow users to make informed decisions concerning what substances they take.

We believe it is time for a strictly regulated legal market for MDMA and similar substances in New Zealand. Until this becomes a reality, users should ensure they test their substances before taking them.

Sources: Know Your Stuff, The Drug Foundation, Otago Daily Times, RNZ, Beckley Foundation.

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  • Henry: January 28, 2021

    It depends, its not so bad if its laced with another decent drug, but stuff taking any of that bath salt crap.

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