Imperial College London launches first ever “Centre for Psychedelic Research”.

Posted on April 26 2019

Imperial College London launches first ever “Centre for Psychedelic Research”.

The worlds' first formal center for psychedelic research will launch at Imperial College London today. Funded by more than £3 million from 5 founding donors, the new Imperial Center for Psychedelic Research will build on over a decades pioneering work in this area carried out at Imperial, including a clinical trial that has kick-started the global efforts to develop psilocybin therapy into a licensed treatment for depression. It will also investigate their potential for treating other conditions, including anorexia.

The center will focus on two main areas of psychedelic research:

  1. the use of psychedelics in mental health care
  2. the use of psychedelics as tools to probe the brain’s basis of consciousness

The Centre also aims to develop a research clinic that could help to gather additional clinical evidence and become a prototype for the licensed psychedelic care facilities of the future.

Here at MindFuel we would like to congratulate Imperial College on their new research center and wish them all the best with their future research.

Source: Imperial College London

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  • Justin: April 30, 2019

    I wish there was something like this here in NZ

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