A native mushroom could help Whanau addicted to meth

March 09 2023 – Team MindFuel

A native mushroom could help Whanau addicted to meth
A native mushroom could help Whanau addicted to meth

In collaboration with the most progressive marae he could find, entrepreneur Manu Caddie has been investigating the potential of Weraroa (Psilocybe weraroa), an indigenous magic mushroom known to contain psilocybin, to support Whanau addicted to meth (methamphetamine, speed, P).

Overseas studies have shown the potential of psilocybin containing mushrooms in treating addiction to various substances including methamphetamine. Now in partnership with Rangiwaho Marae, Manu has started an exploration to see if Weraroa has the same potential.

While the Weraroa mushroom contains the class-a prohibited substance psilocybin, the mushroom species itself is one of few not listed in the misuse of drugs act, landing it in a sort of grey area legally.

When Manu realized this, he inquired with the ministry of health about the mushrooms status as taonga, that, in turn, must be managed and utilized by Mana Whenua. "I pointed out to them what right does the Crown or government have to control a taonga if Maori haven't given government the right to do that?"

He is now working with clinical researchers, medical researchers, mycologists, health professionals and rongoā practitioners, building a body of evidence for the mushroom. They are working on the protocol design for a clinical study, so that the mushroom could be approved for mainstream therapeutic use.

You can read the full article on RNZ.

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  • Salvation: May 05, 2023
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    Psilocybin is scheduled Class A under N.Z’s Misuse of Drugs Act, therefore going down the ’Traditional Maori Rongoa ’ route & the argument that the indigenous variety of Psilocybin containing mushroom is not named & therefore is exempt would not currently provide an arguable criminal defence in Law.

    The writing is already on the wall, we will eventually follow Australia.

    Australian regulators announced in February (2023) that psychiatrists will be able to prescribe psilocybin and MDMA as medication for certain mental health conditions starting July 1 (2023) of this year. The move makes Australia the first nation to approve the legal use of MDMA and psilocybin.

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