Cannabis Prohibition to Continue in New Zealand

November 06 2020 – Team MindFuel

Cannabis Prohibition to Continue in New Zealand
Cannabis Prohibition to Continue in New Zealand

Destroying any hope among the yes campaign, special votes have tragically failed to flip the results of the 2020 New Zealand cannabis referendum.

Recreational cannabis will remain prohibited and the harms associated with prohibition will continue in New Zealand for the foreseeable future, with 50.7 per cent voting “no” and 48.4 per cent voting “yes”.

With the final tally of about 500,000 special votes, a total of 50.7 per cent of people voted against the Cannabis Legalization and Control Bill, making the vote much closer than the 53 per cent against on the first count.

The results being so close indicates a clear call for change to New Zealand's cannabis laws from almost half the country. New Zealand Prime minister Jacinda Arden's yes vote is also a call for change. The Government in New Zealand clearly must still act on cannabis reform.

Sources: Recreational cannabis remains illegal in New Zealand as special votes fail to flip results.

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  • Jackson: November 26, 2020
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    Sad day for NZ :(

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