Wild Opium Lettuce 50X Resin (Latuca virosa) High-Grade Organic L'opium

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Common Name: Wild Opium Lettuce (resin), Lettuce Opium, L'opium, Lettuce Hash.
Botanical Name: (Latuca virosa)

The Hopi smoked the resin, or sap obtained from the Wild Opium Lettuce (Lactuca virosa) plant in ritual. This resin is called lactucarium which may be a hypnotic sedative or pain killer with effects that are similar to opium, only milder. In Victorian times Wild Lettuce opium was often used to adulterate real opium, as well as used as a substitute. Wild Lettuce is also used to enhance the vividness of dreams. (Lucid Dreaming).

A-GRADE L'OPIUM - Now in 50X strength, this is the best Lactucarium product on the market. Made using fresh Wild Opium Lettuce that is grown organically on a small farm in Aotearoa, New Zealand and extracted using the French "Rachacha" method of extraction (as used to produce real cooked flake Opium). Extracted using only food-grade solvents, our L'opium is of exceptional A+++++ quality. *Fresh * Organic *Potent

2g per pack

Usage: Best consumed on an empty stomach. Dissolve 100mg in a mug of hot water. Can also be used as incense, vaporized, smoked or a small pea-size piece can be rolled into a tar-ball and swallowed with water. To avoid the taste try wrapping the tar-ball in a zigzag paper or placing inside an empty capsule. You can combine methods but do not exceed 1 gram daily in total. Our L'opium is intended for occasional use as a herbal remedy to support recovery from mild cases of insomnia, pain & inflammation. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist.

Warning: Excessive doses may be toxic. Smoking may be harmful to health, a vaporizer is a safer option. Do not drive or operate machinery after use. Aside from cannabis, do not mix with other drugs including alcohol or medication, especially downers (benzos, sleeping pills) or narcotics (opiates, opioids).

Shipping Restrictions: There are no restrictions, we can ship this product worldwide.