White Lotus Tincture (Nymphaea ampla) 10ml Mayan White Waterlily Extract

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Common Name: White Lotus, White Waterlily, Mayan White Waterlily
Botanical Name: (Nymphaea ampla)
Family: Nymphaeaceae

Description: Closely related to the Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea), the White Lotus (actually a waterlily) is claimed to have similar effects such as increased sexual desire and mild euphoric or narcotic effects.These are premium organic shredded White Lotus petals which are a slightly pinker shade and finer cut than our pic would suggest.

Ethnobotanical History: The White Waterlily is native to Mexico and Brazil and represented in both pre-Columbian art and in Mayan manuscripts (Emboden 1993). It may have been used as an additive to the Balche' drink. It has been said that Brazilians used the flowers as a narcotic or inebriant with opium like effects during the first half of the twentieth century (Emboden 1979). In the 1960's "hippies" in Chiapas allegedly used the flowers recreationally (Ratch 1998). Used in Mayan medicine to heal ulcers and skin diseases (Roys 1965). Still used medicinally in Yucatan today (Barrera 1976).

Usage: 5-15 drops in juice, water, wine or under the tongue. Hold in mouth before swallowing. Shake well. Store in cool dark place.

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