RAW Hemp Wick Roll (Available in 3m or 6m length) Natural & Unbleached

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Size | 3M

Hemp (Cannabis sativa) wick is the new organic alternative to butane lighters. Hemp wick combines two ancient renewable resources: Hemp (Cannabis sativa) and Beeswax to create a higher quality flame that has many advantages over butane lighters. For medicinal herb smokers hemp-wick is your best option for lighting your bowls or spliffs. Hemp-wick is made from hemp (Cannabis sativa) fibers and is often wrapped around a lighter so that it can be easily lit. MindFuel Tip: Hemp wick can seem a little fidgety at first but stick with it. It took us a few days here @ MindFuel to really get the knack and feel comfortable using hemp wick but now we love it and will accept no substitute. Aside from the freshest, cleanest tasting cones ever, hemp wick adds a more meditative, spiritual element to your smoking session. Try it!

RAW Hemp Wick (Available in 3m or 6m length) Natural & Unbleached

  • Variant: 3M
  • Product Type: Headshop
  • Brand: RAW