Rang Jeud (Thunbergia laurifolia) (50 gram)

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Common Name: Rang Jeud, Blue Trumpet Vine, Laurel Clock Vine
Botanical Name: (Thunbergia laurifolia)
Origin: Thailand

Description: Thunbergia laurifolia is a vigorous climber native to India, Thailand and Malaysia. While cultivated for its amazing large blue trumpet flowers, in many regions such as Australia it is now considered an invasive weed.

Ethnobotanical History: Rang Jeud is used in Thai and Malaysian traditional medicine to treat drug addiction, particularly to cocaine and amphetamines. Rang Jeud may stimulate dopamine production. The tea is also used for detoxifying alcohol and other poisons and as an antipyretic, as well as externally for wound healing and inside the ear for deafness.

Studies: Thunbergia laurifolia Linn. (TL) is a herbal medicine which has been used as a component of a mixture of crude extracts to treat drug addicted patients. TL extract was reported to increase dopamine levels significantly in the rat brain both in vitro and in vivo studies similar to that seen with cocaine and TL stimulated in the same brain area that amphetamine stimulated.  Chronic Effect of Thunbergia laurifolia Extract and Cocaine in Rats Using Behavior Model of Addiction.   

Usage: Prepared as a tea in Thailand using 1.5g. Larger doses may be used medicinally.

50 gram pack

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