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Bert Marco Schuldes / Richi Moscher / Frank Fuchs

An introduction to the technique of gentle inhalation now available in English translation.

New since 2023 ISBN: 978-3-00-076256-7 (Old ISBN: 978-3-922708-36-0)

The new phyto-inhalation allows inhalation of herbal active substances without combustion particles and tar residues.

In this book, Richi Moscher describes the history of phyto-inhalation; Bert Marco Schuldes has listed the most effective plants together with their inhalation-optimal boiling points; Frank Fuchs reports on the development of the AroMed Vaporizer and has summarized the application areas of medicinal herbs in an overview.

In the appendix there are contributions and documents from the diverse application practice in sick use, recreation and in the arts.

This is unfortunately the only book about the possibility of vaporizing herbs. Here you will find the most commonly used herbs, applications and temperatures for a vaporizer.