Muira Puama (80 gram) (Ptychotepalum oladoides) Potency Wood



Product Details

Muira Puama translates to Potency Wood and has been used for centuries in Brazil as an aphrodisiac. Most people feel a tingling sensation along the spine and a sensual feeling all over the body. The skin and genitals may get more sensitive. Muira Puama may also increase libido, promote sexual function, calm nerves, relieve depression, enhance memory, protect brain cells, reduce fatigue.

Usage: Some Brazilian men rub it on their genitals to enhance an erection. A tea can be made by boiling 1-2 tablespoons in half a liter of water for 15 minutes to get 2 cups of tea. The effects will occur in about half an hour. For a stronger effect, mix 30 grams of Muira Puama with half a liter of liquor in a glass bottle. Leave it for 2 weeks, shaking it every day. A few nips should be enough.

Shipping Restrictions: We can not ship this product to Estonia.

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