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The Mindfold was originally created by artist and visionary, Alex Grey, to help you with your inner psychedelic journey by blocking out all light with your eyes open.  Over the years the myriad of uses has gone far beyond psychedelic meditation.

MindFold uses include: Psychedelic tripping, lucid dreaming, relaxation, sleep, travel, meditation, training and mind power and whatever you can imagine.

The Mindfold Relaxation Mask has a flexible, matte finish, black plastic face designed to block out all outside light. It is backed with a high-density soft foam padding with cutouts that allow you to experience Total Darkness, even with your eyes open!  Adjustable hook and loop head strap allows for a comfortable fit.  Memory foam earplugs are also included.

*The Mindfold Relaxation Mask comes in black only. It comes in one size and is designed to fit most faces. We cannot guarantee that it will fit absolutely everyone.


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