Kra Thum Na (Mitragyna javanica) powder

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Common Name: Kra Thum Na
Scientific Name: (Mitragyna javanica)
Family: Coffee

Description: Kra Thum Naa is a small tree found in Southeast Asia. It's a rare and relatively unknown plant, compared to its cousin Kratom. *This is Kra Thum Khok powder, not shredded leaves as the picture would suggest.

Ethnobotanical History In Thailand, Kra Thum Na extract is used as a substitute for Kratom. Muay Thai fighters use the leaves before a match to keep their minds calm and their body energized.

Usage: Make a tea with 10 to 20 gram by pouring boiling water over herb in a saucepan, simmering for 30 minutes, straining and serving. Drink slowly over 30 minutes.

Warning: Consult your doctor before using this herbal remedy.

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