Kola Nut (Cola nitida) Powder

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The Kola nut (Cola nitida) is used in rites of communion in bucolic African communities, especially in Nigeria. It is chewed in many West African cultures, individually or in a group setting. It is often used ceremonially, presented to tribal chiefs or presented to guests. It is preferred among African Muslims, who are forbidden to drink alcohol. Chewing kola nut can ease hunger pangs. Kola nuts are often used to treat whooping cough and asthma. The caffeine present acts as a bronchodilator, expanding the bronchial air passages. Frequent chewing of the kola nut can also lead to stained teeth. It is the famed ingredient in Coca Cola, and has long been held sacred as an energizer, sexual stimulant and economizer of muscular and nervous energies.

Active Constituents: Caffeine (2–3.5%), theobromine (1.0–2.5%), theophylline, methylliberine, polyphenols, catechins, and phlobaphens (kola red).

Warning: Contains high levels of caffeine, not suitable for caffeine sensitive individuals, those on medication, those with health problems.

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