Kava Tincture (Piper methysticum) 10ml Vanuatu Noble Kava Extract



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Common Names: Kava, Kava~Kava, Intoxicating Pepper.
Botanical Name: (Piper methysticum)

This kava tincture can be added to your bath for a nice relaxing soak. Also great in cosmetics. Use your imagination, can be used as incense, aromatherapy, as a sacrament for use in religious ceremony and prayer. Do what you like as long as you do not consume as a food in NZ.

Usage: External use only in NZ. Add to bath or use in cosmetics or as incense.

10ml Tincture

Warning: This product may only be consumed by customer's outside NZ. For NZ customers this product is sold as a bath additive or cosmetic only. This is thanks to the liquor industry campaigning to have kava products restricted. However its only restricted if sold as a food, which this tincture certainly is not. This product is manufactured as a herbal remedy in USA to a very high quality using food grade solvents (cane alcohol). But to keep MPI happy we sell for external use only. Be safe, do your own research and come to your own conclusions. Oh yeah, if your one of those people who goes warping to the authorities about the products we sell, get a life.

Shipping Restrictions: There are no restrictions, we can ship this product worldwide.

*Special thanks to Forrest & Kim Starr for the wonderful photo.

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