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Boost Your Focus and Productivity with FOCUS Mix by Elevated Botanicals!

Discover the power of FOCUS Mix by Elevated Botanicals. This herbal blend, featuring guarana, calamus, ginseng, ginkgo, and gotu kola, is designed to stimulate your body and mind, enhance mental clarity, and promote resilience to stress.

Perfect for work, studying, sports, or even dancing and partying, FOCUS Mix is your go-to solution. Experience heightened concentration, improved memory, and sustained energy as you tackle intensive projects and push your limits.

Elevated Botanicals ensures the highest quality ingredients, carefully selected and curated for optimum herbal synergy. Unleash your true potential with FOCUS Mix by ordering today. Elevate your focus and achieve greatness!


Guarana, Ginseng, Ginkgo, Gotu Cola and Calamus.

50g pack


Add two tsp to juice, smoothie or hot drink. Stir and drink. For a stronger effect try 3-4 tsp.


Not for use when pregnant or lactating or by anyone with a medical condition or mental illness.

Shipping Restrictions

We cannot ship this product to Finland.