Clear Focus by Mindscopic - Special - BB: July 2024 - Normally $89.95, Now only $49.95

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Quantity | Clear Focus (1 X 50 V-Caps)

Formerly OMNIMIND® N°1

  • Larger Pack + Upgraded Formula
  • Improved Mental Performance
  • Focus, Memory, Motivation
  • Award-Winning Nootropic
  • Based on Scientific Research
  • Clean & Clear labeling
  • 100% Natural & Vegan

CLEAR FOCUS™ is scientifically developed to support your mental performance. This natural nootropic is known to be the supplement of choice for health enthusiasts, biohackers, high achievers, entrepreneurs, professional athletes and everybody with a busy lifestyle. CLEAR FOCUS™ has already helped many people take the next step in personal accomplishments. It improves mental performance through a unique, scientifically proven mix of ingredients.

Special - BB: July 2024 - Normally $89.95, Now only $49.95

Usage: Take two capsules with water in the morning. Do not take more than five capsules a day.Store the capsules closed at room temperature in a dark room. Keep out of reach of young children. This dietary supplement does not replace a varied diet. Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Contains: Bacopa Monnieri [205 mg], Rhodiola Rosea Extract [50mg], L-Theanine [200mg], Caffeine [150mg], Alpha GPC [450mg], Huperzine A [80µg], Co-enzyme NADH [5mg], Vitamin B3 [6mg], Vitamin B12 [2µg], Vitamin B5 [3mg], BioPerine (Piper Nigrum) [10mg].

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