Blast Caps (120 capsules) Brain-Food for Fast, Smooth, Clear-Headed Energy



Product Details

Blast Caps is an energy-boosting Designer Food dietary supplement designed by Life Extension scientists Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw for their own use. Start your day with Blast Caps for fast and long-lasting energy. Blast Caps fires up your brain naturally and jump-starts your day. It contains important ingredients for making, activating and using noradrenaline, an important neurotransmitter:

  • L-phenylalanine (an essential amino acid) and its cofactors and other nutrients your brain needs to produce noradrenaline, and
  • Caffeine, which helps to release noradrenaline and increase sensitivity to its effects.

Blast Caps also works to help provide appetite satisfaction.

Normal and natural, noradrenaline is needed by some of your nerve cells to transmit information to one another.

Usage: 1-2 caps, 1-4 X daily as needed. If you experience insomnia lower dosage to 1 capsule 1-2 X daily.

Warning: Contains Phenylalanine. Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women or anyone on medication or suffering any health condition, especially do not take this product if you melanoma, high blood pressure or a heart condition.

Shipping restrictions: There are no restrictions, we can ship this product worldwide.


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