Marihuanilla 'Little Marijuana' | Wild Dagga 'Wild Cannabis'

This collection includes high-grade organic: Marihuanilla, Klip Dagga and Wild Dagga: three exotic herbal remedies that have now days become three of the worlds most popular Cannabis substitutes. Marihuanilla translates to 'Little Marijuana' in Mexico where it is used as a substitute for the worlds favourite weed. Klip Dagga is known as 'Mota' and smoked as a Cannabis alternative in Africa and South America. Wild Dagga was smoked by South African tribesman for its euphoric and inebriating effects, often mixed with Cannabis or Kanna. The name 'Wild Dagga' literally translates to 'Wild Cannabis' and it was highly regarded as such. Grown by Elevated Botanicals on a small organic farm in Taranaki, NZ, New Zealand, we are your source for the freshest, most potent 'Dagga' you will find on the web. Besides our high grade Dagga leaf and bud, we also have organic Klip Dagga, Marihuanilla and Wild Dagga seeds for those of you who want to grow your own.