KAVA - Vanuatu Kava - Tribal Mix - High Quality Blend of Noble Kava Varieties



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Mix varieties of kava are commonly used in Vanuatu to balance taste get a bigger, better effect.

Kava's active principles, known as kavalactones, are in higher content within the Lateral roots than the Basal roots. Traditionally, kava is prepared following the 70-60% / 30-40% mix regarding the proportion of Basal Roots / Lateral Roots.

It comes logic as a kava plant represents about this same ratio 70-60% / 30-40% in terms of roots (Basal/Lateral).

A Basal roots mix will be smoother than a mix of 70% Basal/ 30% Lateral Roots, and so on, compared to a mix of varieties including only the Lateral Roots.

The convenience of a kava beverage strength varies between individuals and the experience you are looking for.

Our traditional kava mix follows the secret varieties and selections of the tribes that we partner with. Traditionally mix varieties are mixed for some specials events, varieties used in the preparation of the beverage vary in function and differ for each traditional event they are used to prepare for.

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