Catuaba (Erythroxylum catuaba) shredded bark (80 gram)



Product Details

Catuaba (pronounced kot-chew-BAH) is a small flowering tree of the Amazon jungle related to the infamous Coca plant from which Cocaine is extracted. Catuaba is used as a herbal aphrodisiac by the peoples of the Amazon.

Usage: Cover and simmer 1-2 tsp Catuaba bark in 2 cups boiled water for 20mins. Strain and serve. For best results consume on an empty stomach.  For a stronger effect mix 30 gram Catuaba in 1/2 liter vodka, shake daily for 2 weeks, strain and consume 1-2 shots. The native people of the Amazon who use catuaba allow the bark to stand in warm water overnight to make an infusion. Catuaba combines well with with Muira puama

Active Constituents: Catuabine A, B and C.

Warning: Not for use when pregnant or lactating or by anyone with a medical condition or mental illness.